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Now That You've Bought That Great Luxury Designer Bag

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-05-04
After saving hard and finally buying that fabulous bag or purse of your dreams you need to look after it properly to keep it in that perfect just bought condition. Most good bags come with a dust bag. Always store your bag in the dust bag, no exceptions always! If you didn't get a dust bag with your bag, you can usually buy them cheaply on the high street or if not, use a pillowcase! Also use bubble wrap or something other than tissue paper for storage as tissue paper often attracts moths! Store your bags in dry, airy and clean places away from damp and humidity or you could find your designer bag with mildew, stains and moulds. You wouldn't handle your clothes with dirty, dusty or greasy hands so don't think your handbag is immune from marking and stains from dirty hands. Always have clean hands when you are using your hand bag. If a leather bag does get dirty, wipe gently with a damp cloth with a small amount of gentle moisturising soap. Rub gently and don't have the cloth too wet. Finish the process by wiping with a fresh damp cloth then, air dry slowly. Water can stain bags of all fabrics including leather so if you want to keep your bag in tip-top condition avoid the rain and wet conditions and don't carry bottles of mineral water. If your leather bag gets wet, wipe it with a soft clean cloth then hang it up and let it air dry slowly away from direct heat or sun light. Don't take your pride and joy to the local supermarket. Even if you're extra careful accidents can happen and you don't want to regret taking your bag out. Be careful with pens of all sorts in your bag, some people recommend using a pencil but I'd advise you to borrow a pen if you need one on your travels. At work store your bag carefully in a pillow case or dust bag in your desk to stop it getting grubby. Use bag liners to keep the inside of your designer bag pristine. Bag liners are also very useful when you need to change bags fast and without any fuss and also when you put your bag away in the evening. If you are putting your bag away for a longer period of time, make sure that you don't have any metal parts that can rub against the fabric or leather and leave scratches or marks. You want your bag to be perfect the next time you use it. Finally, all of the above advice may make you think that there is too much stress or worry involved in owning a luxury designer bag. Just enjoy your bag and follow the above tips, you'll soon be looking after your bag without even thinking about it. Just by being a little careful, you can enjoy your bag every day and every day it will look great.
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