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No. 8 Coach New Studded Leather Ella

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-05-06
As a big fan of fashion handbags and luxury handbags, I surely would not miss the best bags 2011 list, and it surprises me a little bit to see the coach bag taking an obvious position. To my knowledge, most fashion bags by Coach look good and work well, and their affordable prices are a big plus. Still it is rare to have a coach bag titled best. Whatever, there is the coach new studded leather Ella. The bag is brand new in style, featuring a heavy metal makeover in black leather with exaggerated leather studs and great Coach Hardware. Good to know that the leather studs are lightweight. Somehow the leather studs remind me of the keyboard. Isn't it weird? For a long time the coach handbag are renowned for its sweet style and thus I am not it is for good or bad to have a bag looking such modern and chic. This designer leather bag by Coach would make a functional large shopping bag. It measures 16.5'long, 13'high and 5.25'wide so that this bag is large enough to pack up your everyday objects, including books, agenda and even a bottle of water. There are actually several inside zipped pockets for cell phone and multifunction. What's more, the bag actually has bottom feet to protect the bag bottom from scuffing. This top zipper closured bag can be carried via 6' long handles or it can be shouldered via a 22'long strap. How do you like this top tote in limited edition? It is available at a price of $898.00.
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