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Ms yao da leather handbag buying guide

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-06
Abstract: some people say that a bag is a woman's a small world, bag represents the romance of a woman's heart and tenderness, and collect the thinking, the pursuit of and interest. Nowadays, handbags are no longer just ACTS as a small content of function, more time is a symbol of women's taste, elegant index is the key to measure women. So choose a suitable package is particularly important, as below and let's look at how to choose yao da: one, height 1, if the height above 165 cm, about 60 cm length should choose as far as possible, but vertical dress into a magazine size handbag; 2, if under 158 cm in height, should choose total length of about 50 centimeters, can cross dress size handbag into magazine, elongated proportions. 2, 1, is tall and thin figure, can choose any style of fashion female package. However, the larger point handbag and shoulder bag is best for you. But if you really like a small bag, only need to make sure it is completely against on your shoulder. 2, petite and plump, small bags should be the most suitable for you, because of too big package might make you look more small oh. 3, compare plump women: the bag that had better choose more curve radian, because this kind of bag can emphasize your curves. Bags do not take too long, just right in the above the waist. Be sure to avoid using small bag bag, that will make you look more big size to promote medium-sized fashion female package you use. 3, 1, daily handbag: choose a big SIZE bag as much as possible. In this remind friends: must remember don't just grab the bag go shopping, the consequences will be very bad. 2 handbags, formal occasions, such as cocktail party and parties, keep in mind that late outfit and handbags to reasonable collocation. Work and quality are high quality handbag is your wise choice, material can choose silk, velvet, paint, beadwork, cloth and so on. If you want to do more long-term investment, you can choose some metal or black color. 3, casual handbags: if you are a club and PUB regulars, quality and cheap handbag is more practical, at least you don't have to worry about if lost you can have too much of a loss. The most basic principle: the handbag should be able to with at least three pieces of dress up. A material particular, grab an eye bag can let you all bright eye. Guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather co. , LTD. , established new factory, new production area of nearly square meters, has its own leather men's bags production workshop, leather handbag production workshop production workshop, leather purse, leather belt production workshop, and leather jewelry production workshop, every workshop is equipped with four to eight production lines. Production line layout is reasonable, advanced equipment, production capacity is greatly increased, the efficiency is greatly improved, the quality is more stable. On this basis, the guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer of leather leather products more rich, can satisfy the various needs of customers, more welcome new and old customers to come to feel yao da leather new look.
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