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Ms female packet processing factory: 'how to choose and buy a bag? 'Manufacturer

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-20
1, the female bag processing factory prompt you, look at the shape of the handbag. Pick the first sight of the handbag in addition to whether the style is in line with their own aesthetic, and see if the overall appearance of the handbag there is a stereo feeling, as shown in the figure below, must have the feeling of the aura, look if is crooked, the sense that gives a person is to appear not confident. 2, the female bag processing factory prompt you, look at the fine arts work of the handbag. The work of the handbag is delicate, can be directly reflects the quality of the handbag. Generally good quality handbags, do the work must be very beautiful, needle and thread is very neat, uniform, would never have extra lines appear cluttered or walk line. And the poor quality of the handbag, its work is more casual, sewing fastness, easy to collapse line, with lines also poor toughness, easy to break. 3, the female bag processing factory prompt you, see the zipper quality of the handbag. The zipper of the handbag is also an important point, a handbag, use the most frequent is the zipper, pulled down, the quality is bad, how could you? Good first if metal zipper, as some are plastic zipper, may DORA a few times it broke. Second, must be smooth, if not smooth and easy to bad. That is associated with the female bag processing factory, details on the WWW. yaxiapiju1688. com。
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