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by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-06
We all know, the lady bag types, there are so many, have to work with, have to go shopping with, travel with and so on and so on, according to the classification of it can be various to distinguish, ms business package is one of them, so ms business package can from which some aspects to the choose and buy! Let the female bag manufacturers below small make up to talk to us. Bags for women at work need, of course, from leather, are the main structure design and the function, the current relatively popular in the market bag fabric with PU/PVC, polyester, leather, etc. From aspects of the wear-resistant, waterproof, quality class features about it, the best choice is undoubtedly genuine leather handbag, noble and durable, but the price will be expensive. If from the point of view, the ratio of PU handbag is good choice, its style is the fashion leisure, durability aspect also to have certain guarantee, small make up recommend can according to their own economic situation in the leather and PU material selection. Volume refers to the size of the package, the lady choose bag starting from the actual needs decide the size of the package, the general bag for shopping, medium-sized bags are suitable for work and travel, travel bag is suitable for tourism. See bag structure design, determines the durability of the bag, beautiful degree and comfort, used for bags at work can be a little bit a little bit more simple, not as casual as shopping, drab, this year popular wide shoulder bag, has good bearing system, neither to shoulder the load must be feeling, is beautiful is good too. To learn more about the details of the guangzhou Yaoda leather co. , LTD. , please visit our official website
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