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by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-06-30
Bags are we walking in the street can often see things, handbags to go out for our daily is a more important role, the role of different bags have also is different, handbags for many consumers is more important, the bag is also being more people favorite products, is also related to the bag development is relatively good, this also proves that the bag industry development is relatively good, because for many bags have a relatively good effect, and the bag you have is more than one. Bag sales of good, so is the existence of a bag manufacturer, and handbags factory is not in one place, such as side is relatively good in guangzhou guangzhou bag manufacturers. I think should be have a lot of people for handbags metal chains to rub off, there are some confusion here are from guangzhou bag manufacturer to answer for you. Bag of metal chain with a period of time, there will be a rub off phenomenon. On the metal chain coat a layer of looking for transparent nail polish, can effectively alleviate rub off. Bags mainly have two reasons for metal chain of fade: 1, friction with the hand, clothes, the chain of outer coating a layer of light gradually wear away; 2, air and other natural medium sulfur and oxides and hand sweat on the plating layer has great light corrosion of the chain effect, make the luster gradually dim, surface spots. Will besmear nail polish on the surface of the metal chain, equal to add a layer of protective film to metal chain, not only can prevent clothing direct friction to the chain, also can prevent the sulfide in the air on the plating layer of light erosion.
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