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Make Your Canvas Bag Waterproof

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-04-23
Canvas bag is one of the most favorite bags in the market related with its simple design and durable material. Therefore, people could use it longer than other bags made from other materials. Basically, canvas is a heavy material that resists water and stains excellently. However, it will be better for you make it waterproof to bring total protection to any items kept inside your bag. Besides, it is quite easy to make your bag waterproof since basically canvas is water repellent material. First, you can start to clean both outside and inside your bag thoroughly. Make sure that there is no stain left since most waterproofing agents make it very difficult or even impossible to remove. Besides, you have to pay attention to the seams. A bag with overlapping seams might not need additional treatment or help. Meanwhile, a product with hidden seams needs more attentions. You can use some amount of rubber sealant along the entire seams by using the applicator. Second, get a silicone-based waterproofer and spray it over the whole outside part. Give more attention to the seams and the bottom. Make sure that the entire outside part are sprayed well so it will form a layer to make it waterproof. However, you have to keep in mind that this layer will rub of slowly as you use the bag. Therefore, you have to redo this process occasionally to keep the layer perfect in protecting your bag and its contents from water. Third, you have to consider the zipper, as well. Some zippers are great in keeping out water from entering your bag. Check your zipper first. If you find that the water is easily coming on through the zipper, you can take advantage of acid-free packing tape. Tape the zipper down and you can reapply the tape every time you use the zipper to get better result. By making your canvas bag waterproof, you can totally protect every single item kept on your bag from water. Therefore, you should not worry too much about your belongings when you have to going through the rain. Just try it.
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