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Major leather manufacturing technology is introduced, the guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather leather goods manufacturer

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-14
Abstract: in the leather process refers to the leather production process, production methods and production technology, is a reflection of leather products an important part of the quality and the grade. Below leather manufacturer in guangzhou guangzhou yao da OEM manufacturer to introduce you to leather bound edge, inside seam, Ming seam, bundle of side seam, overlock seam, Ming oil, ruffled, half bright seam etc. Main production process. Bundle of edge & ndash; — Used to form the foil or strengthen handbag shape effect of bone. Edge bone skin with and without core bone, rubber core, cotton core, spring or steel wire of the inner core dermal bone, synthetic materials and bone and bone glue not wrapping material. Flat seam & ndash; — The use of flat sewing machine ( The flat car) For single layer or multilayer overlapping parts on a craft, a kind of technology is one of the most used in leather sewing, suitable for leather products for the parts of the relative plane link or sewing decorative thread etc. The seam & ndash; — Also called blind stitch or buried bag, it is the edge of the two parts stick together and turn it over after sew, face to face but not let a person see parts joint stitch a traditional craft. Hand-made and industrialization have early after sewing machine or gao tou2 sewing a variety of methods and suitable for internal and external links in components and software production of handbags. Ming sewing & ndash; — Also known as the outer seam, it is to point to the two connected components layer relative to the joint sewing, can meet the line and the bottom line of a traditional craft. There are handmade and gao tou2 sewing method and suitable for the opening of the software and finalize the design the handbag and cross pein three-dimensional structure of the final sewing process. Within the bound edge sewing & ndash; — Is one of the parts above the edge of the seam after bone, and another related parts stick together on the edge of inside seam of decorative traditional process, the software is suitable for handbags or finalize the handbag lattice structure in the design and production. Bundle of side seam Ming & ndash; — Is at the edge of the oil or folding between the edge of two parts, a decorative edge of bone, made a kind of adornment of Ming sewing process technology, suitable for all kinds of package design and production of such products. Overlock seam Ming & ndash; — Is for plane three-dimensional structure parts or the edge of the outline on the package must be the width of the pimp ( Or artificial leather, cloth, etc. ) And a kind of decorative sewing of traditional process, the loose package edge, single side, double side folding folding bag bag edge, and a variety of FanBao edge and nylon ribbon in use. Plane parts bag sewn with flat seam cars, three-dimensional structure of the package edge with gao tou2 sewing, suitable for all design and production of leather products. Oil & ndash; — Also called oil loose edge, the edge of the leather parts or joint three-dimensional contour after polishing, rolling on a leather edge oil layer of decorative traditional process. Method, on the edge of oil can be divided into different processing technology and processing technology of thick oil method and make the edge color only improve two thin oil method. Thick oil method suitable for a crisp high-grade leather products processing, for edge smooth full; Thin oil method of hard and soft leather are universal, but its edge visible coarse fiber and joint gap, multi-purpose at leisure bag processing. Folding & ndash; — Will product parts thin edge shovel or directly in the edge of the cloth, synthetic materials coated with glue, Or affixing double-sided tape) After the inner fold two or two and a half ( Unit 1 inch length = 1/8 of an inch) A kind of traditional process, suitable for all kinds of artificial leather bag material and parts processing of leather products. Half bright sewing & ndash; — Is different level of parts fit into three-dimensional structure, sewn with special column car or shook his head in a kind of fashion technology. The process is suitable for sewing cannot double bag bag and stick a skin, three-dimensional surround type has meet line not only from the appearance of the bottom line of the three-dimensional process effect. In addition, flat seam sewing parts to the same level, also meet only after assembly line not line, flat seam cars is the difference between them is suitable for sewing, plane shook his head and column car, the car is suitable for stereo sewing. That is the important technology of leather goods design and production. In addition, there are in the product assembly process and many other process, the process is also a variety of manual workers must grasp of the technology in the process flow. 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