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Leather must be better than PVC leather? That's not certain, guangzhou leather factory to take a chestnut

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-11
Leather often is the symbol of elegance, a lot of people when buying leather products will be the pursuit of leather material, however, there are some artificial leather, more expensive and of better quality than the genuine leather handbag factory in guangzhou yao da leather factory, bags OEM with 23 years of experience, which is to take chestnut leather is better than leather handbags. As is known to all, Louis vuitton as the pioneer of leather goods brand, its material is special, the most representative material! Is in the cotton surface coated with resin coating. Don't see is not real leather, but a little bit less quality leather, soft and solid, waterproof scratch-resistant, better than leather! LV users said: LV leather are more with the new, just this sentence using feedback of buyers, LV the advantages of special materials. Leather handbag is better than the PU bag, this is the undisputed problem in theory, but actually to popular utilization, leather manufacture continuously to develop in the direction of artificial leather, and with the progress of science and technology, artificial leather and leather direction development, in fact, as long as prices are high enough, can do a little less leather leather. Normal, in theory, is not a special material, the following relationship: 1. The service life of the microfiber> leather grain leather> fix face> 2 leather & asymp; PVC PU> 2。 Toughness strength microfiber layer>> head 2 & asymp; PVC PU> 3。 Comfort leather grain leather> microfiber> fix face & asymp; PU> PVC and other articles appearing in the dermis, is the most widely used in terms of cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, crocodile skin, etc. , of course, yao guangzhou man bag manufacturer of leather factory, whether it is genuine leather men's bags, leather bags, PU bags, PVC bags, can be customized.
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