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by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-10
Abstract: sexes, hobby and selection for leather bags, differ greatly. Guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather leather bag manufacturer co. , LTD. , to the 818 men and women in choosing the difference between the genuine leather men's bags and leather handbag. Said to the men and women choose the difference between leather men's bags, leather bags, the first thing to know about the leather men's bags, leather bags, their respective characteristics. Guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather leather bag manufacturer co. , LTD. , to analyze the difference. Man bag usually with super capacity, but also pays attention to functional, all items in this space is placed in order, so that he can play well in the workplace. With such a heavy weight, men's, and without any encumbrance. About men's demand for leather men's bags, in fact, just as they demand for clothing, emphasis on high quality and modern design. Especially white-collar men's leather briefcases, always based on texture and well-made. Man when choosing a leather briefcase, generally USES more wear leather, as the gothic handbag, or python leather case, with rare and noble leather, its tough, durable and luxurious quality is the main factor of men to choose. Men of leisure leather men's bags, sports leather men's bags, seemingly ordinary special waterproof canvas, scratch-resistant special fiber material, is the only and best self personality as they choose. For those exaggerated modelling men's bags, fully show the man narcissism of the inner world, they are still looking forward to different styles of bags can bring all fresh. Leather handbag, is a woman forever of pets, are usually called & other Women throughout the boudoir &; 。 Yes, genuine leather handbag too much mystery, with women's secret. Intimacy with a woman, it was like peas and carrots, accompanied by women spend every day happy or sad. It can foil a girl's temperament, elegant taste. The adornment action of the leather handbag is strong, practical function ranks second. Man a paragraph or two leather briefcase is enough to cope with all the workplace, but a woman, even if the same situation, but the clothing will use different leather handbag. With brand in genuine leather handbag, appeal to the women than those without the logo. So, the well-known luxury leather handbags, leather handbag design than leather men's bags. Leather handbag, and women, as much a perceptual. This is in keeping with the characteristics of the women are emotional animals. Through the above characteristics of leather men's bags, leather handbag, you can know that men and women in choosing leather differences between men's bags and leather handbag, guangzhou leather handbags factory guangzhou yao da leather co. , LTD will be summarized as the following: 1. Men choose leather men's bags, pay attention to the function; While women choose leather handbag, pay attention to design; 2. Men choose leather men's bags, pay attention to material; While women choose leather handbag, or pay attention to the design; 3. Men choose leather men's bags, pay attention to personality; While women choose leather handbag, pay attention to the brand. The difference between men and women on the choice of leather handbags, once again proved: a man is more rational, women are more emotional.
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