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Leather making common fabrics is introduced - Guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer in guangzhou

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-13
Abstract: for leather fabrics, there are many kinds of, even the leather has a variety of different types. Selected leather and leather production, different materials, also have different characteristics. The following yao da leather manufacturer in guangzhou guangzhou leather factory is a brief introduction of leather making common fabrics for everyone: a positive leather, cowhide. Has the natural grain of oxfords with leather, and some made from soft and by elastic said kraft soft face. Second, the crust leather. Leather surface grain surface polished shoes with leather after modification treatment, the surface is bright and clean, but more hard, breathable slightly affected. Third, yak wool face. Will hide landscape raising processing oxfords on the back of leather. Fourth, suede leather on the second floor. With cowhide split leather processing fleece, nap is the thickness, also is a bit poor fastness. Five, the cowhide USES. On the leather surface ( Positive) Face grinding processing of shoes, suede surface have silk feeling, permeability is good, the firm is also very good. Six, leather embossed leather. After dealing with the embossing the surface of the leather shoes face, adornment sex is strong on the surface. Permeability is good. Seven, cowhide skin wrinkles. Grain leather surface after dealing with the chemical formation obviously coarser shoes face wrinkles. Guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather factory has 18 years leather leather processing, leather leather OEM OEM, genuine leather leather, leather leather label, leather leather ODM, OEM processing leather bag, leather bag, leather bag OEM OEM, ODM and other leather bag, leather bag leather leather production experience! Is numerous customers love and trust of guangzhou, guangzhou leather handbags leather leather goods manufacturers. Welcome to visit!
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