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by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-10
Abstract: leather handbags beautiful, high-grade more not identity, but if the leather handbags daily care not ready, it is easy to make them dry lose luster, be dear friends in limbo. Such dear friends have to buy a new leather handbags, the wallet is a big blow to dear friends purse, under the guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather teach dear friends how simple nursing leather handbags, leather handbags is like new and live longer! With guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer to learn: ( 1) Nurse daily: regular use the same as color of skin creams wipes handbags, can make the leather light and smooth, but avoid using liquid oil. To prevent the leather handbags epithelial cream paste directly coated on the leather, should besmear is on wool or fur to wipe the leather. Often stay dry bag, deposit should be placed in ventilated place. Some easy be affected with damp be affected with damp handbags, can put a little moisture when stored in beads in the bag. If the handbag wet and use dry cloth to handbags moisture absorption, and then put in the shade, handbags let dry naturally, don't put the wet bags or electricity as you directly in the sun insolates, also cannot put by air blowing, otherwise it will appear the phenomenon of blowout of leather. When clean handbags flush or contact chemical solvents of avoid by all means. ( 2) Every leather has different characteristics, so need different nursing methods and proper care. 1. With a slightly damp flannel wipe besmirch on the surface of the bag, then into the natural dry ventilated place. 2. Cowhide, sheepskin leather handbags - - - - With high quality skin creams besmear on the flannelette, remove dirt on the surface of the skin, and then with a soft cloth slightly hard to wipe back and forth on the bag surface. Jing leather handbags - - - - With a soft wool in the skin surface along the same direction gently wipe besmirch, can make the texture smooth; Also available raw rubber and special cleaning products Jing skin to remove stains, but unfavorable brush ointment. In the course of long years of leather handbags use more or less will appear a few small problems, under the guangzhou leather factory here in guangzhou yao da leather to list some methods to handle problems, the hope can give you some help: zipper is not smooth - - - - Use candles or skin wax coating on the zipper, can improve the effect. The nitrate - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If there is a little nitrate, available color skin cream color or white electric oil lightly against nitrate, remove the nitrate stain. Metal buckles - oxide - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Special frosted flannelette wipe black spots are available, and then with transparent skin cream gently wipe. The hardware button - oxide - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Button in the new handbag copper or other metal on a little transparent nail polish, can prevent oxidation. To prevent sharp hard cut leather, such as accidentally cut leather, should seek professional personage to repair, don't stick to fill themselves. Such as leather face accidentally stick on edible oil, can use towel to add a few special leather cleaner is wiped gently. So light color bag, its mouth with the use of dirty usable and clean rubber to graze. Leather handbags must fold crack prevention, don't exposure at high temperature, the more avoid is baking. Leather handbags store, the first in ventilated place dry again: 1 ~ 2 days storage, dust bag choose breathable fiber bag, avoid by all means use of plastic bags. Damp climate areas, storage of leather handbags will often take out the ventilation air drying, avoid moldy. Such as wet towel to wipe mildew points appear moldy phenomenon. Be careful not to overexert, anti scratch leather. Leather handbags with the surface is dirty or lose their original luster after so many years the need for care, with leather handbags should be send fur clothing cleaners and dyers by professionals for maintenance care.
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