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Leather factory proofing process

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-13
Spring flowers, autumn moon, summer lotus, DongMei, a year the four seasons have different features. In the leather luggage industry, the four seasons of handbag purse, handbag, men's bags, backpack backpack and so on various forms, different colors. Guangzhou leather leather manufacturers yao da leather senior leather goldsmith, tell me about the four seasons of handbags bags, different style bag proofing process. 1. To design for positioning the crowd, Some people like round, square package, some people like some people like large gloves packages, also some people like small fine. The demand of the market, the crowd was mixed. For proofing design, alignment positioning crowd, confirm the style. 2. When the preferred subject material, leather bag; Real leather bags, leather bags, head layer natural texture, high quality, rich variety of leather, color is complete physical beauty; Cowhide strong, durable, inner is reliable. 3. Metal materials, electroplating to pass, functional; Hardware is basically a highlight of the bag, plating need to environmental protection, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. As the chain bag shoulder bag, lock hardware and strong practicability. 4. The early stage of the early prototype, the paper effect implementation package; Template details requires communication, computer out of line, physical and paper 1:1, realize 3 d package type, review paper cutting do after effect is ok. 5. Manual delicate, perfect detail. Manual delicate, more oil car seam line, side effect of convergent ruffled lock stitch, molded perfect details. 6. Packaging, directly or indirectly protect samples package. Sample is completed, clean up dirt, thread, glue, etc. , appropriate filler. Packing note applying edge to prevent the transport extrusion and deformation. Guangzhou leather factory yao da proofing fast, proofing, accurate delivery and quality assured products, is a famous leather production base in guangdong.
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