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by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-28
Presumably, every girl, has a lot of bags, all kinds of all have, as the saying goes, a cure-all, visible bag is how important, in the process of backpack, we need to pay attention to some problems which is good, don't damage our bags, let female bag manufacturers below small make up to talk to us. 1, the above hardware don't touch water for a long time, will be immediately touched water dry, the location of the lock parts in bag, must pay attention to the inclusion of hard objects by friction and damage. 2, to refuse any label and adhesive tape, prevent skin surface easily damaged when tear off. 3, for a long time to contact sunshine and heat, will bags decoloring, discoloration, and deformation, so the bag as far as possible not to long time exposure to the sun. 4, placed inside the bag hard and sharp, it is important to note that will be very good complete package in the package, bag as far as possible not to put overweight or hard goods, or you will make bag easy to deformation and damage. 5, usually in the summer as far as possible a handbag, dirty hands sweat easily make the bag, try to use the bag. If want to learn more about female bag manufacturer's latest information, please focus on http://www. yaxiapiju1688. com/
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