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It is necessary to shop neat? Guangzhou yao dalai lama told you handbag manufacturer

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-03
Abstract: in guangzhou, yao da leather factory small make up also visits over a lot of leather factory, a lot of leather factory won't pay attention to the items put, most of whom were stacked on the shelf guangqishuba, let a person see the very uncomfortable, the yao da leather factory, whether parts or items, put orderly, can let a person look comfortable many, then do so, is it necessary? A view that there is no need to, first of all, A lot of leather factory is small, affected by the rent are older industrial zone, in the workshop, each side will be comprehensive land use, sometimes too much stuff, stacked to make to place first. Second, a lot of things there is no need to take time to arrange, because the assembly line next to stand away and soon put so neat, a waste of time, but also reduce the production efficiency, random first, although it seems a little, but it can save a little time. B point of view, it is necessary to take yao da leather factory, every day we have clients to visit our factory, employees would have formed the good habit of medicine neat, yao da leather OEM factory administrator, also will check regularly on the production line, ensure production line order. Items neat, is crucial for leather goods contract, because leather products need care, well organized, can ensure the cortex is not crushed, leather hardware will not be scratching by the knock against each other, to ensure the certificate of approval for the similar products, not the switch, including, for the subsequent production, is very good, if put not neat, the subsequent production could make a review for many times, not only a waste of time, will produce more costs, penny wise and pound foolish, even rework. Guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory, the factory management is very strict, all of the production line neat, clean and orderly plant, will give the guests a better experience, to produce a more perfect leather products, yao da leather factory, do the leather, handbag OEM, yao da leather factory is your choice.
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