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Introduction to bag some main popular element, let you easily choose a favorite style

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-15
Abstract: as a new era of women, go out how to get a less fashionable bag? Female bag besides to carry your belongings, more is, as the representative of the fashion symbol is indispensable to ms concave shape fashion sheet is tasted. So what are the main female bag, popular element? Today we take a look at what are the main bag of popular element, : marca/candy color marca dragon is a French dessert, its color is numerous, and are generally very sweet and pure and fresh. Is associated with the colorful candy weave woven bag is to use weave, tie clasp, nail series technique, woven into a colorful pattern and model. Material can be leather, canvas, etc. Envelope envelopes of package was inspired by sending letters. The envelope bag generally thin, like the envelope. Hand and bag, such as species, more concise, is also very joker. Chain chain bag is handbags with metal chain, before a lot of young people will be divided into the chain bag & other; Old expensive gas & throughout; That category, but when see star street snap suddenly found that this kind of imagination can only use deserve to act the role of previous generations lady unexpectedly can conflict with the street fashion fusion. Are recorded in the history of leopard grain, leopard grain as a fashion element, by the American fashion designer, Norman Norell ( 1900 - 1972). , pioneered in the early 1940 s. Leopard element has always been a hot popular symbol, sexy amorous feelings again. Lock lock is in two items used to fasten the objects called lock. Many are applied to the metal lock bag, is not just for decoration, but also as a security the first line of defense. Rivet riveting DingShiDing shaped objects, hat: at one end in a riveting, deformation or use their connection is riveted parts can be made. Rivet is a lot of more phyletic, and informal. Fold fold used on the outer package of a special process to leather arch, into the fold. Good fold bag usually texture clear, fold full strength and elastic. Tassel fringe somewhat like heads of grain, adornment element is common, often using the dress skirt is placed on the stage, headdress and bags. Hollow out hollow out is a kind of sculpture technology. Seems to be a complete design outside, but inside is empty. Will use this technique in many bag carved decorative pattern on the outside of bag. Jelly bag jelly bag, new material new technology, like the candy temptation, relaxing, bei powder, sapphire blue is the color of the hugely popular; Pattern can be back to carry, or lively, or gorgeous; This class have sweet color handbag, very feminine flavour. Embossing embossing package is refers to the use of pressures on the surface composite materials form a particular pattern. The decorative pattern of embossing package is various, style diversity, the rich characteristic. Shells types of a lady package, named because its shape resembles the shape of the shell. Shell moist curve, glossy surface, can seemingly fragile but suffered gravel breeds into a pearl. Shell just like women based on the characteristics of such contemporary and concise style of the design inspiration of fusion, this handbag was born. Bucket bucket bag is shaped like a bucket handbags, since its launch in 1932 the first bucket bag Noe, the rounded and nifty design became a classic handbag. Ling ling frames package has been a big hot money, this kind of bag is on the outer layer of diamond lattice pattern, some similar to the soft package of metope. However, with the diversification of design, ling package group not only limited to collar shape, also there are many other geometric patterns. Bump color contrast color refers to the so-called contrast color is tie-in, including strong color matching or compensation to cooperate. Strong color matching refers to two are far apart, matching color such as yellow and purple, the color is strong; Complementary color matching refers to the color of the two relative to cooperate, such as: red and green.
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