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by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-19
Abstract: dress decently clean, with confidence to go out, can more walk more think what's wrong with on the streets, finally you managed to find the reason, is the bag, now is spring, autumn and winter bags again beautiful, it do not take with today's fashion, also do not accord with the sunny weather, who call the woman package can be subdivided into many, many women say want to buy a bag, return true son is more than just a fresh, these leather handbags, leather handbags are all the girls filled self-confidence! 1 bag is not appropriate, enough to make you the day painstakingly building style image, if you didn't realize, that is just bad impression to others, if you are aware of that would be much worse, you begin to embarrassed, wish immediately go back in, too much impact on social occasions. 2 comments a bag is good, not simply talk about the quality of its design, since it is set according to the clothes, the clothes elegant & other; TPO” Principle, of course, can also be used in the bag: time, place, occasion unavoidably have to taken into account, such ability won't comedy tends. 3 according to season, spring, summer, autumn and winter package are different; According to the shape, large and small are various; According to use methods of points, there is one shoulder, hand, backpack and so on; According to the style points, but also have leisure, commuting, mature, lively & hellip; … Category 4 understand the bag after it is not hard to understand why the girls change the frequency of the bag is so high, which be like men a bag can from years back to the end of the year, in the woman's view, the meaning of the new package even as buy new clothes, bags have much hope and mission. Is there really any so-called joker bags 5? Is likely, but the joker is, in contrast, refers to the bag in color appearance applicable range is wider than the other bags, doesn't mean that yo have a bag once and for all, girls for more a few bags, or emergency or will occur. 6 purse, cell phone, keys, cosmetics box & hellip; … Wholesale all put into the bag, there are bags means a sense of security, don't take bag will be driven out every life close contact with the bag, and in a genuine leather handbags, leather handbags, as if in a stream of fresh blood to the life and general. 7 bags was the second card, people is to make the finishing point, even is the barometer of the mood, the embodiment of the tastes and interests, also is one of the source of confidence, its role and more you can't think, with bags of revolutionary friendship will last for a lifetime.
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