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I share the rest of my life - leather handbags readme

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-21
Abstract: the existence of leather bags have several hundred years of history. Guangzhou leather factory yao da in the previous article talks about the origin and development of leather handbags, today to bring everyone together and see the look of the leather handbags now. Everybody is good! Today I tell you about me and my brothers and sisters in Canada. When it comes to our generation, I have to mention my parents' generation. In the 1920 s, Hollywood stars heat storage foundation, lipstick cosmetic bag, my parents more lively and active, people can do their want to create their style. In the 30 s, the spatial development of Hollywood films, they has a huge impact on the popularity of fashion, our whole family ever grow up. See, our ancestors from aristocratic life, parents are star develops, so we from the date of birth was covered in aristocratic, glaring stars shine again at the same time, the many people. Our this generation, the world peace, economic prosperity, people's general improvement in living standards, our brothers and sisters into the ordinary people. Except me, cowhide leather handbags, my brothers and sisters have sheepskin bag, handbag, bag, ostrich leather bag bag, snakeskin handbag, mink fur bags, etc. , we are members of the family very much. We are changing our body: bag, single shoulder bag, backpack, inclined shoulder bag, hand bag, wallets, computer bags, briefcases, etc. , want to change it, let people like us. Then how are we with pieces of leather, become one loving bags? The next time, I'll give you something about it carefully.
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