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How to Maintain a PU Leather Handbag

How to Maintain a PU Leather Handbag


PU Basics

First of all, you should know what is the definition of PU leather. PU leather is a kind of manufactured synthetic material which is durable and has a touching sense and visual appearance that similar to true leather. 

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As a necessity in people’s daily life, bags are one of the favorite daily accessories for fashion ladies. Every lady has at least a few or even dozens of bags they use at the same time for matching with different style clothes. There are seas of customized latest fashion handbags with different styles for you to choose from. If you have good economic capabilities, it is the best choice for you to choose bags with true leather. On the contrary, not every lady is lucky enough to have such an enviable condition. Some sellers know clearly about this opportunity. There are lots of bags with similar material to true leather. As a matter of fact, these materials are called PU leather.To know how to maintain your handbag will make your bags last for a few years more. In this article, I would like to introduce some maintenance methods for you.

Look after your PU bag

You should keep your fashion pu leather handbags wholesale always in a clean and neat condition.

If you get dirt on your bag, you should quickly clean it.

After a whole day of going outside, you maybe don’t notice that invisible specks of dust are on your whole bag, so it is good practice to wipe it clean after a day out.

Avoid your bag getting wet on a rainy day.

If it is time for you to pack your bag or are moving house, remember to put some waste newspapers or papers inside to build up its original shape.

If storing a PU bag for an extended period of time, avoid folding and pressing and remember to air it out once in a while.

With all these maintenance steps above, you will enjoy that nice looking PU synthetic leather handbag and keep it looking like new for years.

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