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How to identify microfiber leather and leather methods have some? - - - - - - Female bag manufacturers

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-02
Our bag production, is can use a variety of materials, to production and processing, our businesses, when selecting a material, should be how to choose to, so how to identify microfiber leather and leather methods have some? Let the female bag manufacturers below small make up to tell us about it. Microfiber leather and artificial leather is very common in leather processing of two kinds of leather, and extremely similar, not professional personnel is hard to tell. To see is how to identify them. Leather is from animals strip processing, common have cow leather, crocodile skin, sheep, etc. The microfiber leather is a synthesis of mankind. From the outside, microfiber leather and synthetic leather are very similar, but after careful observation, you will find that the pores on the surface of the leather is more clear, grain is more natural. We can also pick up DianDian weight, the weight of the same size bags microfiber leather do certainly lower than real leather. Can smell to distinguish, leather is the animal's skin, the taste of smell there will be a kind of animal skins, and microfiber leather will have a plastic taste. Price is higher than the general case, leather microfiber leather, leather is more wear resistant than microfiber leather, quality is better. If you'd like to know more about how to identify method of microfiber leather and leather which has some of the information, you can click on the handbag manufacturer's website page to browse!
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