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How to choose the suitable bag in the right?

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-03
As we all know, bag is divided into many kinds of, have a big bag, bag, have one shoulder, oblique cross, various style is some, but in different occasions, the back of the package is different, so how to choose the suitable bag in the right? Let fashion handbag custom-made below small make up to talk to us. 1, bright type as the name implies, this type of bag color gorgeous rich, vivid style, give a person to bring a fresh feeling. This kind of bag in spring and summer use more frequently, because this time color is given priority to with light, more just the collocation of color is gorgeous bags, but had better not choose this type of bag is too big style, the color gorgeous bag is more suitable the beauty of the tall shape and color of skin, asians is difficult to carry out the tropical style, so is still picking dainty style is better. 2, steady heavy, this kind of bag is suitable office worker, color with black, coffee, white monochromatic department more perhaps dark case grain. When considering the white-collar work needs to wear a suit, and the clothing color is also more brunet department such as black, white, coffee, so choose bags on the style and detail should have clear style, like tassels, rivets, metal chain, Mosaic decoration details, such as color adds window for a suit of tedium. 3, casual this bag is optional, oblique ku, backpacks, single shoulder is given priority to, the most suitable to go out shopping, apply for an outing. This kind of bag volume is compared commonly big, have sufficient capacity, and the fabric more give priority to with PU and canvas fabric. And this kind of bag is very suitable for DIY, like in the bag on the badges, decorating accessories of girl, also able to exert your live match only.
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