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How to choose men's handbags - Guangzhou leather foundries guangzhou yao da leather to give you advice

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-22
Abstract: do you have your beloved handbag? If not, has a handbag is envy seeing other men? Have to choose a right man for himself the impulse of the handbag? But there heart will send questions? I should choose what to buy a handbag? How to choose men's handbags? The choose and buy men's handbags should consider what problem? So let's look at guangzhou leather foundries guangzhou yao da leather contract for you & other; Prompt & throughout; ! One, the shape of, handbag and your first reaction involved what shape? Guangzhou leather foundries guangzhou yao da leather contract clearly tell you, big relations. First tall men, and do not choose too small handbag, and body fat is unfavorable to carry round handbag, and small size is a no-no to use big handbags! You got it! Second, age, you will definitely want to age, since people of different ages to choose different men's handbags, so how to choose? Guangzhou leather foundries guangzhou yao da leather foundries to answer your question. Young man for colour is gorgeous, design is original bag, to show time. Middle-aged and old chooses relatively sedate neutral handbag, design to the beauty is generous. Three with a suit, clothing, handbags and services need to match the same. Yao da leather leather contract according to the guangzhou guangzhou contract summary, suit in general, with a long leather bag is better, while the spring and autumn period and the new fashion with the color difference is bigger trendy handbag is preferred. Assembling a little dark winter, summer with a light color handbag is first selection. Four different occasions, occasions to use different handbags, this is all men recognized. If there is no more bags would rather not take, also can't take the wrong. What occasion with what kind of handbag? Guangzhou leather foundries guangzhou yao da leather man points to distinguish under contract to guangzhou! Handbags handbags: has the advantage of easy to use, stylish men street snap necessary. Fashion, personality and characteristics of performance apparel, clothing collocation visual aesthetic feeling. Hand-held bag: for short trips best equipment! Briefcase: business office necessary, men always need a fit with your briefcase, already sedate, and tasteful. Bag: leisure days shopping best items, whatever you want is what, a good quality of multi-functional leisure packages can be assistant every men's life!
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