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How to Choose a New Handbag

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-04-27
Accessories can make or break an outfit. The most important accessories that a woman can employ are her shoes and her designer leather bag. The right red leather handbag can turn a nice outfit into a great one. You know those women who always manage to look effortlessly stylish? They nearly always have a fantastic leather bag hanging off their arm. The difference between just looking trendy and being chic is often having the right bag. Choosing a Handbag When choosing a bag, it is not just about the colour. You also need to consider your body shape, the outfit you will be wearing and how much room you will need inside the bag to carry what you will need for the occasion. Years ago the colour of the bag always had to match the shoes; and lipstick and nail varnish always had to match, too. Thankfully, that sort of stuffy rule has been thrown out and now you can wear what you like as long as it does not clash with your outfit. What is hot in red leather handbags? This season it is all about colour and texture. Bright colours are hot for clothing, especially coats and bags. A red leather bag will add a 'celeb' look to any outfit. Animal textures are also featured heavily, like crocodile and snakeskin effects. These are especially seen in distinctive colours other than the natural grey snake or tan crocodile. Red leather bags produced in a crocodile or snake texture have been seen in many fashion magazine pages and in shops. Patent leather is another current trend. The best colours to carry off that fantastic shiny surface are black have guessed it - red leather. Quilting is also still hot, in both ordinary and patent leather. What size of red leather bag do you need? Your bag should balance your body shape. A rounded bag may look good on a tall, willowy woman. If your figure is more rounded, you may like to choose a rectangular or square-shaped bag. However, the opposite is true as regards size and proportion. A tiny little pouch bag next to a larger lady will make her look proportionally bigger than she really is. Huge bags like those carried by some celebs look enormous on tiny women. Handbag Length Rules The length of the strap determines the position of the bag which then tells part of your body will come under scrutiny. If you have lovely boobs and want attention drawn to them, have a short strap or a clutch bag under your arm, both of which will leave the bag at chest-height. If you have shapely hips and a gorgeous booty, then opt for a longer strap.
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