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How the difference between the grade of the guangzhou leather leather bag manufacturer yao da leather factory to help you

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-22
Abstract: guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory ( OEM OEM/ODM) Is a 18 years leather products OEM production veteran manufacturers, with a number of well-known brands such as manusacture, swift horse, BMW and other cooperation. A, look at means is to see the appearance, enough friends to flowers on edition, or find pictures can clear difference between site ahead of schedule. Manual and line mark, of course, depends on your personal standards. Or just like choose to like, look at the more pleasing to the eye, the better. Second, touch by touch perception is the purpose of bag leather material, under normal circumstances, the material, the better, feel is more better. Three, salty smell is the sense of smell to know the taste of leather handbags, if you smell is thorn nose, it must be defective goods, smell the spine, the more is not good. Made of inferior leather leather handbags will have obvious unpleasant taste of PU leather. There is dehydration, general and high grade product of glue is basically no taste. Instead have the taste of barbed nose. Four, rubber head rubber head refers to the leather leather straps or bag glue part of the incision, generally is the thick part, this part in the process of use glue to stick together, no smell of glue is usually good glue, and looks is transparent. If it looks cloudy. General products would not be very good. Five, the hardware and zipper hardware is an important standard of evaluating leather bags, high quality leather handbags hardware is luster bright, and there is no burr or bubble. The smooth zip up and dynamic way. Six, in the material measure bag leather quality is also a very important factor, but also the most easy to ignore one of the factors. So when buying leather bags to check in.
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