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How do we determine bag sample quality?

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-06-24
Today, our businesses at the time of making products, is to produce a sample first, see if you like, then the mass production, so this time, the association of to judge the quality of the samples, handbags, too, so how do we determine bag sample quality? Let below small make up for us about female bag processing. One, to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the bag bag full, should form the appearance of the sample curve nature, paste flat, neat and clean, fluidityand rpid without a disability. Second, pay attention to the work bags samples, but the quality of the products can be seen from the suture line tracing, high quality bag stitching should match up and down, straight stitch, stitch, no empty needle, needle. Three, you should carefully check the bag sample quality on the application of accessories, in general, all the parts should be light not rust, no burr, no peeling off wait for a phenomenon. The above is how to determine quality bag samples, hope can help you, if you'd like to know more about information about female bag processing, can click on female packet processing web page to browse!
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