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Hot summer, yao da leather want to ask: how do your beloved leather leather in the summer?

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-15
Abstract: summer has arrived, in the most hot dog days, still not able to withstand the personage that loves the United States for the use of leather leather goods. Beautiful and practical leather handbags, leather handbags is still the heart of people is a indispensable accessories. Nurse daily, however, there are a few people know how to care, cleaning, maintenance, polishing? Now guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather with how we look at the daily leather leather need care, can make your leather leather in the summer. A, prudent use cleaner leather leather accessories used long inevitably there will be a dirt or stains, but the daily clean too frequent, can make the leather leather is damaged. Generally keep 1 - a month 2 times of nursing; The stain on leather leather goods, need to use special leather cleaner will be rid of the stain. Customers on a regular basis to the best counters to professional care, so the leather leather care more effective. Such as leather bags, leather wallet for soft leather goods do not use shoe polish care, because the volatile components in the shoe polish will penetrate to undermine leather leather within its own oil, and then make the leather gloss, cracking, the phenomenon such as decoloring. Second, don't put leather received many cabinets would put no leather leather goods received cupboard, plus camphor ball. It isn't a good practice, with volatile constituents of camphor ball used for a long time can make leather leather is damaged. Usually we receive leather leather goods only need to pay attention to put the cabinet ventilation, temperature is low, and receive leather leather accessories, must use cotton dust bag wrapped in it, best package into some moisture absorption of waste paper. Third, often wipe perspiration summer time is long, almost all the hot weather, people easy to sweat. We all know that khan in 98 to 99% of the composition is mainly water, pH 4. 2 ~ 7. 5, and NaCl approximately 300 mg / 100 ml, 1 to 2% for small amounts of urea, lactic acid, fatty acid, etc. It is corrosive for leather leather, sweat for a long time erosion will appear the phenomenon such as hardening and deformation. Especially the men must often wiping the sweat be soiled on leather leather goods oh, it can prolong the life of the use of leather leather goods. Generally people think, genuine leather leather as long as wash with water, then dried is ok, but do you know the consequences of doing so? It will make your leather leather goods, leather leather drying, cracking, keep it in your & other; Care & throughout; The meltdown. One would think that with wet dishcloth leather leather goods, leather leather brushed, air-dried, hanging in the wardrobe with respect to ok, so, when you long time need not, they will be moldy, even decay. Others will think, a little leather oil is ok, but, to oil, leather, leather, leather leather goods will be hard. You don't to graph save trouble, and improper use of these methods, let your beloved leather leather so went to see the god!
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