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High-Quality Wholesale Leather Handbags Supplier

High-Quality Wholesale Leather Handbags Supplier


Handbags have been an important part of the Fashion industry. The demand of pu leather handbags manufacturers have increased manifold in past few years. Especially the demand of Luxury Handbags and purses has received a surge from developing countries. With the better economical conditions of the people around the globe, the increased consumer expenditure has led merchants dive into the business of wholesaling handbags.

The market being in a sub niche, though competitive is also an alluring one. If you are planning to start or add handbags to your current store, we can help you with some of the best quality handbag wholesalers in China, USA and Europe. So it would get easy for you to source wholesale ladies bags, leather handbags or even try to wholesale canvas bags from these suppliers.

Where Can I Wholesale Fashion Handbags for Resale?

Now the question arises, where to get woman fashion handbags. Well the biggest market for fashion handbags is Asia. The most popular among all of them is China. Thailand also manufactures a lot of stylish handbags but they are not durable and high quality.

So its better to source the fashion bags, handbags or purses from places which gives quality and cheap price both. For that the most common is China and then comes USA and UK.We find suppliers from all these places and compare which could be the best wholesale handbags suppliers for us.

4 Essentials You Must Know When Wholesale Handbags

You must be very vigilant about your market. You can’t sell high end fashionable luxury brand bags to an older audience. Truth is if you do this you are spoiling the money selling to the wrong people. Wholesale Fashion handbags include cross body bags, purses, leather shoulder bags, shoulder bags, clutches, backpacks and more.

★  Market to Right Audience

Well the first thing you need to do is analyze the audience you want to market your fashionable and trendy handbags to. As you are acting as a merchant, you will have to see the likes and dislikes of your potential customers. Choose wisely the type of handbags you think your audience would love. You can take the help of google adwords to get an idea about people demands. After you have selected the right type of bag, you have to price it correctly. It shouldn’t be either too low that you burn your business and not to high that people can’t afford.

★ Using Social Media

Now assume that you have decided to wholesale leather handbags or wholesale canvas handbags. You will have to use the power of social media to get a boost of sales. Social media today has the real power to increase your sales exponentially. Instagram influencers can also help in getting good sales if they have a huge and loyal fan base.

Also Facebook ads if done properly can also give you a great ROI. Ladies in fashion are always hungry in buying trendy handbags.

v★ Dropship or Wholesale

Either you can wholesale fashion handbags or dropship, both options could generate good income. If you don’t have the capital to buy bulk wholesale handbags you can also dropship by doing partnership with any of the supplier from China, USA or UK.

China suppliers and manufactures can easily dropship to your customers with blind dropshipping anywhere in the world. Some of the top suppliers also have warehouses in US and Europe which can make shipping process a lot quicker and easier.

★ Choosing Right Supplier

This is the most essential and ultimate tip if you want to wholesale any thing. Choosing the right supplier could be hard but it is very important for your business. Some suppliers are great at shipping and customer support but they sell low quality and cheap products.

So its better to pay a few pennies to get a right supplier which provides only the quality handbags which are durable, fashionable and trendy.

Guangzhou City Yaoda Leather Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer to research&develop,design and produce personalized and unique bags and handbags since 2006. 

We registered own brand "ANGEDANLIA",and our brand of “ANGEDANLIA” is well known in some countries and regions. We committed to becoming the leading brand in the personalized and unique bag industry,

Strive to strive for excellence, do everything seriously, products include: ladies bags&handbag, shoulder bags,travelling bags,tote handbag and so on. The materials of these bags and handbags includes:PU,PVC,canvas,fur,velvet,real leather and other different materials, different textures, different designs of nearly a thousand samples, the style of the products is also varied. Can also be based on customer requirements OEM, do special design, add LOGO on products .

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