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High-grade leather handbag OEM OEM what meaning be? - - - Guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather factory

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-01
Abstract: high-grade leather handbag OEM OEM, as the name implies, high-grade leather female circumcision brand OEM refers to high-grade ladies handbags, handbags, wallets and other custom, the design, the play version, select material, with customer brand bags, handbags, and processing and so on a series of process of handbags, handbags. So you should be careful in choosing a leather factory we measured again, must choose normal, professional, perfect service system of leather goods manufacturers to produce, such as guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather factory. Then an improved system of leather goods manufacturers including what content? Yao will follow guangzhou leather factory together and see it: ( 1) Female bag OEM OEM applications including the styles of the purse design, main material and auxiliary material selection, 2) Followed by the example of high-grade leather handbag OEM OEM design, specialized formal leather factory can according to customer requirements, mapping the good model in the shortest time, completes the design of the version of the relevant work, however, is usually have to play version of the 300 yuan fee; Guangzhou yew leather factory can provide free play version of oh! ( 3) Handbags, handbags design is the determination of the final sample, and then into the next procedure, production material preparation, began a series of production processes, such as: cutting, sewing, and carry out our high-grade leather handbag for OEM OEM quality control, to ensure that the handbag, bags in the normal production process, to achieve our requirements on the quantity and quality. Guangzhou yao da yao da leather factory belonging to Hong Kong group leather division, consists of three branch factories. In one of the factory and the factory is a professional, high-end leather men's bags, leather bags, leather handbags, leather handbags, leather purse, high-end evening bags, new intelligent package, such as outdoor sports bag leather OEM/OEM/OEM factory, three factory is a professional high, medium and low-grade leather, PU, PVC, and other small leather goods, leather upholstery OEM/OEM/OEM factory, guangzhou yao da leather factory look forward to cooperation with you, to join hands in creating brilliant leather!
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