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Handbags calculate method of the handbag how to calculate material guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory to parse

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-20
Abstract: guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory ( OEM contract/DOM) ( BOMKOO) Guangzhou handbag factory is a 18 years focus on leather OEM OEM & amp; ODM leather products professional manufacturers. The company has been committed to leather products OEM OEM/ODM business. Our main products are men's bags, women bags, handbags, briefcases, purses, belts, wallets, rod box, etc. At the same time also can provide various product customization: handbags customization, men's bags, handbag, belt customization, etc. What is the material? The handbag and how to calculate? What is the purpose of calculate material? The so-called calculate material, is by design to calculate the volume or proofing the quantity size of raw materials to be used. Can calculate material one is the purpose of accurate feed, also can put an end to waste. Calculate material has the following simple methods, such as: first, determine the handbag to use raw materials to production. Second, according to the design drawings and specifications on the paper case, accounting's area of each paper. The area of the three, calculation of various raw materials and ( Square inch, are generally USES the imperial units) 09 ( The material loss when yu 9%) 。 Four, use the formula: calculation of counting, it is bulk materials for handbags yards. And the calculation method of cutting bed head is based on the discharge method, is how many pieces of paper over a few yards, row row enough raw materials needed for production and need a few yards from the proportion type to operation. The cutting bed, head of the meter method is the most accurate and practical.
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