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Handbag - see character - Guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer in guangzhou

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-20
Abstract: the people of different personality traits, like genuine leather handbag is not the same. Is generally, by a person like leather handbag design, also can see that a person's personality preferences, roughly guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather as below we discuss how to see people of different characters from different handbags. 1, like recreational handbag of this type, their work has a great deal of scalability, free space also is very big. It is because of such conditions, coupled with the innate character, this kind of people you know to enjoy life. Their attitude towards life more casual, not too demanding to themselves. They are positive and optimistic, and also a certain degree of the enterprise, can well arrange the work, study and life, can be in a more relaxed and pleasant environment to belong to own a thing well done, and made some achievements. 2, people choose bag is more like a briefcase briefcase, it illustrates the bag from the aspects of a master work of nature. They may be a general manager of the enterprises and institutions, if they are ordinary staff, is also in the more formal units. Choose a briefcase may be due to the needs of work, but how many can be in this person's personality traits. The National People's Congress to do more with more careful and cautious, the people are very severe. Of course, they tend to be more demanding on myself. 3, like square the people square or rectangle containing small handle of the handbag handbag, in some cases can be as an ornament. This handbag shape and size are relatively small, so is not particularly easy for you to use. He who loves this style bag, there is no more experienced what hardships. They are fragile, and setbacks to retreat and compromise. 4, like the person who shoulder belt type handbag this type of person, is relatively independent in character, but in many aspects, such as behavior is relatively traditional and conservative. They have some relatively free space, but not huge, narrow social circle is not a lot of friends. 5, cabinet and delicate handbag of the person you like, although is very compact, but not practical, is not something handbag, in general, is more young, wet behind the also is not deep, more innocent girls are the best choice. But, guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather in the leather manufacturer want to say: if you have passed the age, entered as an adult, still keen on such choice, then the man's attitude to life is very positive and optimistic, full of sweet looking forward to the future. 6, like the person who has a strong national character and style handbag like handbag with rich ethnic customs, local characteristics, independent consciousness is stronger, is individualist. Their personality is outstanding, often have very different with others in dress and the way of thinking. Sometimes appear at odds with others, so their relationship is not ideal. 7, like oversized handbag like oversized handbag, personality is more free and unfettered, they can easily establish a special relationship with others, and it is easy to rupture, which is decided by their personality, because of their attitude to life is too loose, lack of sense of responsibility. Apparently they feel doesn't matter, but not everyone can accept and tolerate. 8, like metal quality handbag like handbag, personality is more sensitive, more able to be quickly to keep up with the pace of The Times, they's ability to accept new things is also very strong. But this type of people, most of the time will not easily pay, and always hope someone else can give. 9, like neutral color handbag like neutral color is the people of the handbag, the desire is not strong, they don't want to be noticed by people, the aim is to ease the pressure. They always hold more perfunctory attitude, more lazy. Treat others in the aspect, also like the relatively neutral position. 10, like men leather bags women like men bags women are relatively strong, agile, efficient, and tend to be more outgoing. Don't like the bag will points several ways for this kind of people, probably because they are lazy, find carrying a handbag is a kind of burden, too much trouble. Another possibility is that they are independent consciousness is stronger, hope to be independent, and handbag will cause some barriers in the middle of the invisible. Above two situations are the handbag as a burden, it can be seen that this person is not a particularly strong sense of responsibility, they don't want to be responsible for anyone or anything.
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