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Handbag industry market survey report-LV luxury stores

Handbag industry market survey report-LV luxury stores


Analyze the market, grasp the market, understand competitors and understand the development of the fashion bags industry.

A powerful reference to the trend;

It is a necessary research material for the new entry of the industry to understand the market situation, grasp the competition pattern, explore investment opportunities, and make clear the positioning of products.

To help consulting companies and advertising planning companies to grasp the current situation and development trend of the industry in a fast and in-depth manner, and to provide market size, growth and market share.

A large number of data and charts, such as volume, import and export, industry financial indicators, etc.

To help private equity companies, Vc firm and other investment institutions find out the industry's profitability and growth trend, and focus on the industry.

Enterprises conduct in-depth research and analysis of their products, technologies, talents, management, benefits and so on.

It applies to other institutions or individuals who conduct comprehensive market research in the field of competitors' pu leather handbags.

Three LV luxury stores gradually withdraw from second tier cities

China's luxury designer handbags market is sluggish. Top luxury brand Louis Weedon (LV) has closed 3 stores in China, which has already been withdrawn from stores in Urumqi. Analysis shows that luxury brands will continue to be closed shop in 1-2 years. At present, more than 100 brands of stores will have a bigger adjustment.

According to foreign news, LV have recently closed stores in china. It is understood that there are 3 stores closed, including Urumqi, Guangzhou and Harbin. Louis Weedon can find out that there is no store in Urumqi on China's official website, which means that Louis Weedon has already withdrawn from Urumqi. Reporters called before Louis Weedon's Urumqi Meimei department store, and staff said the brand has been withdrawn for half a year, and it is not clear whether it will be reopened later. Relevant information shows that Louis Weedon officially landed in Urumqi for the first time. The store, which was built by the Construction Department of Paris headquarters and has an area of 330 square meters, was once a sight.

The other one is located in the Guangzhou Louis Weedon Park shop has been shut down. But on Louis Weedon China's official website, Libai square shop does not exist. At present, LV has only one shop in Tianhe flagship store in Guangzhou. Prior to this, LV stakeholders have responded to that, only because the contract expires, the brand will focus on resources in Guangzhou Tianhe store.

In addition, there are two Louis Weedon stores in Harbin, and confirmed by telephone that the Louis Weedon store in Zhuo Zhan shopping center in Harbin is still open. But on the navigation page of Louis Weedon's official website of China, the store in Mackay Le main store in Harbin is no longer displayed.

Louis Weedon responded, indeed closed the above 3 stores, but will continue to invest in China, and maintain communication with many owners, looking for a good place to open the store.

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