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Handbag factory tutor - how do you pick from the material bag Female bag manufacturers

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-11
Every person purchase method, is not the same, some people more attention to the appearance on the one hand, some people more pay attention to what is the use of material, to make, each person's demand, is different, but the female bag manufacturers said small make up here, want to know the bag is good, is to look from the material, so how to choose from material on the bag? Below we together to analyze. From the point of view of ingredients that may be basic bag, there are many kinds of fabrics, cloth, synthetic leather, PU, leather, cloth is very obvious, the skin of the best, of course, but now the big local bag is PU leather, is at once a very thin layer of leather on the glue on a layer of PU, so feel is good, good gloss, can also do some tricks disposal in cortical appearance, big local handbags manufacturer should be using this kind of fabric, and tags on still indicate using leather or suede. Actually this kind of fabric is good, not easy dirty, beautiful and durable. Inside is now mostly polyester and canvas, actually the most important thing is not too soft, if too soft, put things there are obstacles, lining out something, they'll put out, it's not good! And opened the parcel after it is always a pile of irregular cloth, can not see the bag of other things. To learn more about female bag manufacturer, welcome to come to consult, we have more quality products available to you.
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