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Handbag factory traditional manual bag OEM custom will be instead of artificial intelligence

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-20
Guangzhou leather factory is one of the world leather factory, for many years relied on manual leather gift custom business development economy, the rapid progress in recent years, artificial intelligence, traditional OEM leather bag, leather processing industry will be artificial intelligence instead? Yao da leather factory to find out. Over the past year, & other; Artificial intelligence & throughout; Is undoubtedly one of the most popular keywords. In practical application, artificial intelligence has also started to lead of the reform of the industry in all walks of life. So what the future will not be replaced several big industry: investors the robot of artificial intelligence may help you to analyze which most promising industry, accounting risk, forecast earnings. It's a pity that she does not have the money, love dearly. The doctor the doctor in the future will focus on the treatment of incurable diseases and prolong human life, daily outpatient treatment to the quick and professional artificial intelligence. But trust me, the patients will still hope by experienced doctors to judge. Philosophers have not understand the meaning of life humanity itself, how can to ruthless robot to think? Robot teachers may never understand & other Throughout their aptitude &; 。 Believe that parents leave their children don't choose to robots. Athletes, actors, artists, scientists, their survival and to provide value can only be done by their own, even if the efficiency of the rolling machine tens of thousands of them. Programmers yes you no wrong! The friend you don't steal to smile! Without programming technology content, there is no guarantee! Artificial intelligence from the algorithm, the future need a programmer to every field specially designed & other; Listen & throughout; The & other; The servant & throughout; , definitely not these & other; The father of the robot & throughout; La. Traditional craftsmen skills always value can only reflect on craftsmen, produced by the machine is the same, no emotion. Maybe one day there will be robots students can understand human emotions, but I'm afraid these crafts have long forgotten. That's what this article tells the traditional leather processing, leather processing, manual processes of them very much, from design to production, all need to start master playing board and staff. Artificial intelligence will change leather customized transaction process, but the handbag machining process is irreplaceable, perhaps one day, the robot can batch jobs, the so-called leather will have no sense of luxury, only hand glimmer of workers to keep improving, more can reflect the value of the product. Guangzhou yao da leather factory is the leader in guangzhou leather factory, for many years, yao da leather manufacturing reputation at home and abroad, the handbag OEM, men's bags, ladies handbags generation processing business such as high recognition by customers.
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