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Guangzhou yew leather factory to teach you - 2018 good luck defence prosperous wealth to buy a bag

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-25
Abstract: a New Year for a very long time, how life progresses day by day? Guangzhou yao da leather to tell you: good luck defence is to choose a lucky wallet, give & other; Rich & throughout; The ambitions of do lucky blessing & # 128516; 。 Although the prevalence of mobile payment now, but the wallet is still necessary. When choosing the purse, the color particularly has exquisite, pink, peach prosperous wealth, black brown hoarding wealth. At the beginning of 2018, might as well to yao da leather factory to customize a moral beauty and has good bags for yourself or family is a small wishes ~ guangzhou yao da leather factory perennial OEM bags, customized handbags, leather bags, leather wallet, gloves, luggage and other leather goods manufacturers, product variety, can meet the different needs of customers, the different needs of customers. Yao da leather has been to the quality first, efforts to innovation, to provide high quality products is yao da leather consistent idea, welcome consultation to learn more about leather goods information. Here is to introduce a few suits of the color of the purse: a, pink on the feng shui, for women, pink purse is best, it is the moral of fortune, symbolic bonanza. Pink purse as KS, actually is color alone enough circle powder & ndash; — Light cherry color is beautiful! Every day to see light cherry pink girls heart will believe you silent for many years it is pulled up to Kate Spade on bags, shoes with red light luxury brand in the United States. It has a inclined shoulder bag is the structure of the purse, in addition to bills, change, card, will also hold mobile phone oh, super convenient. Second, red red although there is no money fortune of metaphor, but it represents the thriving, and very resistant to dirty, and not depressing, very suitable for use on the bag. You can go to an Italian shoes, Furla bag accessories brand, cheap and fine. It has a gem red three fold penny synthetic embossed leather is high quality, has a zipper on the back of every layer, layer there are a lot of card slot, although a small one, but practical beautiful! Three, golden golden because as close to gold color, symbol of wealth, is ideal for use on the purse/bag. However, this can buy a little only, pianpian, chuai pocket line directly, hold bills, super convenient! Like Michael Kors has a Michael Kors over the last two seasons main oblique satchel, a small one, really can hold; High-profile golden is especially suitable for and dreary winter clothing collocation oh, a lot of people like black black bag because joker, be able to bear or endure dirty, in fact, the black bag has good moral & ndash; — Keep money, will not easily let money loss. Five, the brown/coffee/brown coffee color wallet is common, both men and women. In addition to the stable joker, like black, they also symbol accumulate and keep wealth. Black coffee with a not fawn on common natural temperament of restoring ancient ways. Which color do you like? Have favorite color can inquire yao da leather goods manufacturers to customize the paragraphs that only belongs to own the bag!
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