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Guangzhou yao lady handbag handbag factory and you discuss about fengshui handbags feng shui has exquisite

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-26
Abstract: all said to believe that science is not superstitious, but there are a lot of things cannot explain scientific level or temporarily. Today we yao will come and we talk about fengshui is also a difference between science and superstition. So many women friends don't superstitious but feng shui. Have strange women and handbags also about feng shui? Yes, for which you are a handbag at work, also affects the work absolutely. Because of the particularity of women, women work necessary tools, of course to have a bag. For career women, work carrying handbags most avoid latosolic red hue. 1 a, handbag color. Every woman has their own numerology and well used on the color, as a result, your handbag to your pleased with color match, at least, is the combination of relationship, should not is the relationship between phase grams. Suppose you numerology pleased with green, so you don't have to red handbag is the best, Drain green) , yellow, Phase grams) , other colors are available. 2. If you wear clothes color is consistent with your own numerology pleased with color, was born in relationships, so your handbag other colors are available, and due to the clothing color is the mass-tone attune, handbag just ornament. Second, the handbag design should pay attention to 1. Handbag styles differ in thousands ways, almost every year, every season is different. However, no matter how to change, your handbag design is not too large, too large, it is not handbag, becomes a handbag. 2. Handbag is the shoulder or hand carry good? Every pleased with color match handbag with yourself, you can be bold and brave to shoulder; And for not begets relationship of handbags, usable hand carry. So, in order to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses in neo-confucianism. If you are a fan of little black dress, purple or pink such eye-catching color handbag is good choice. Three, handbag is less in addition to the occasion to clear themselves happy with color match, there is the question of style. Different occasions wear different styles and colors of clothes, that almost every woman knows. However their handbag ever distinguish situations? Some friends tend to overlook the problem: to work, dinner, negotiation, traveling, go shopping, even wet markets are both handbag, which is pretty bad. Usually formal occasions to use small handbag, because of the jinshui begets conform to a physical relationship. Are you going to the party, for example, so as long as you can into cash, credit CARDS, cell phone, keys, lipstick, cosmetic mirror, small handbag, you can pack lightly to the dinner party. 1, the handbag is suitable for formal occasions such as cocktail party and parties, keep in mind that evening and handbags to reasonable collocation. This is not you the cheap, cheap styles may even make you lose confidence from head to toe. Work and quality are high quality handbag is your wise choice, material can choose silk, velvet, paint, beadwork, cloth and so on. If you want to do more long-term investment, you can choose some metal or black color. 2, suitable for casual handbags if you are a club and PUB regulars, quality and cheap handbag is more practical, at least you don't have to worry about if lost you can have too much loss, of course, this is not to say that the choice of casual handbags is not important. The most basic principle: the handbag should be able to with at least three pieces of dress up. A material particular, grab an eye bag can let you all bright eye. 3, daily the choice as much as possible to choose the SIZE of the handbag large handbag, so you can put a lot more.
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