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Guangzhou yao for OEM leather manufacturers design principle for bags

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-28
Abstract: yao da leather felt bag design mission is to provide society with both reflects the spirit of The Times and national style, and full of modern aesthetic style. This is not reality meditation can achieve, but must be tightly hold the pulse of The Times. Insight into bags information both at home and abroad, grasp the market change and social consumption demand. To comply with the tide and trends. To create. Accordingly, stylist for the comprehensive analysis and extensive collection of the information of the bag is extremely important. Especially the social information and market information. Today we yao da leather will share with you what is social information and market information. Social information: including political, economic and social ideological trend of social information, science and technology and way of life and other aspects and factors, the trend of these factors to impact on the development and changes in the form of bag: 1, political factors in the history of the world, who have a significant political changes that bag form also will produce very big change. Like the revolution to overthrow the qing dynasty, western clothes, Chinese tunic suit gradually replaced the long robe flown again. 2, economic factors: economic level enhancement, textiles, bags industry also makes the people to the bags material selection and design and color information to continuously put forward new requirements, therefore, the progress of the bag consumption and economic growth is proportional. 3, ideological factors: social ideological trend in the bag information is an important factor. The rise of literary thoughts and artistic style, such as modernistic style, constructivism, post-modernism and so on, has a significant influence for bag design. 4 factors, science and technology, the development of science and technology, for the bag industry has a direct impact. The application of new type fiber, the advent of new fabrics, yarn-dyed new process improvement and all kinds of leather making process, found that for bag design and develop a broader innovation production way. 5, lifestyle factors, human way of life, with the improvement of material life and spiritual life, clothing is an important aspect of lifestyle. In high efficiency, fast pace of The Times, should be humorous bag design with modern lifestyle, so as to adapt to the needs of the people work and life. Second, market information, analyze market information, grasps the market competition strategy, to explore new bag style and expand the scale of circulation of bags, very close. Competition in the market the key to understand the market consumers' consumption psychology, aesthetic interest, economic situation, situation, etc, and then adopt corresponding strategies. 1, in order to win new: new style, new materials, new technology, new design and color, such as the new color for the design of creation, to keep the bag market vitality and strong allure. : 2, in order to best to win in the bags in the market, consumers use value with special attention to bag bag, so the high quality fashion beautiful, well-made, high use value and the design concept should be an important part of, and, of course, find a good OEM factory generation of labor is an important link, because a good leather contract to make your design beautifully finished product is presented to the customer. 3, winning by fast: in bag market competition, must produce enough to fast, the first two characters, seize the moment, the launch of the season, season, should tide bag design, the second step by step, in a quick victory. Designers should be keenly capture motor design analysis model is fast, batch production quickly, the advertising is fast, fast sale, make a design of the bag can quickly occupy the market. 4, win by cheap, cheap and wumart is two main condition of bag market appeal to consumers, designers need to reduce costs, reduce loss, lower price, achieve high quality and low price, expand sales. 5, to the letter win: good reputation is the key to win the market. Sets up the good enterprise image, brand image, is also the goal of bags enterprises and designers work together. All in all, handbag design needs a breakthrough, but design should consider the cost and difficulty, cost and quality need to be a balance, if anyone of the two real find a balance point, there is no doubt that in the market in a very advantageous position. Guangzhou yao da OEM leather factory is the important one link you win, guangzhou leather factory yao da leather clear and strict production process, and in accordance with the reasonable production plan, ensure delivery accurate. Guangzhou leather factory yao da leather powerful has its own production base, can deal with flexible production requirements of different customers, different order. Welcome to the online consultation! To visit our factory!
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