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Guangzhou yao for handbag factory 'autumn dream, package sharing'

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-26
Abstract: the autumn have a quiet dream, the dream has the wind rustling leaves, have rain wet grass silken rustling; Autumn is a beautiful dream, the dream has a maple leaf red up half the sky, with frost dyed white jungle. Pleasant dream will eventually wake up again and again the beautiful scene will eventually die, want to use more bags to pack it in, feel the beauty of autumn, with me. Recommend autumn customization, welcome to customize the O ( ∩ _∩ ) O ~ yao da recommended handbags 01 fresh cartoon one shoulder bag bag, I want to. Each of the four seasons has its own character, people also have kinds of mood, handbags, of course, also want to change. Autumn is sometimes naughty, blowing the wind lifting a your garments, so choose a sprout of package and the companions of the autumn, the shape of the ancient clever think it is a very likable guy. Yao da recommended leather handbags 02 joker worn handbag autumn is like a like a sea we hold all season, all the time, you can see people wearing different appeared at the same time, people may still immersed in the summer, does someone have early will one foot into the winter, at this point, the joker's charm are evident, colour is pure and simple and generous bags, all kinds of style easy control. Yao da recommended handbags 03 mini worn fashion single shoulder bag little people ah, has a lovely people pity appearance; Small package, give a person relaxed and comfortable experience. Small size, easy to carry out, his hand a variety of apparel way also let people enjoy freedom. External smooth lines on the vision has made enough attention, how can withstand the temptation of it? Yao da recommended handbags 04 autumn worn one shoulder satchel is exclusive in qiu dong's bag, is appropriate. Remember last year winter we appreciate ice in the light of gorgeous light? Remember frozen when we play happy happy sled? You see, everything has our memory, save in the air, leave a little on the backpack, today this year to reconnect. Yao da recommended bowknot hand the bill of lading shoulder bag handbag 05 gentle girls, will not be lack of your accessories, with bowknot of light color bag is the standard of teenage girls heart. Only one eye, pink bubble is just around the corner, the marca dragon color bags melted in an instant the whole heart, indulge in the dream of sweet greasy, don't want to wake up. Yao da recommended handbags 06 zipper worn backpack every head of MOE's face, this bag is especially cute. Into the autumn, always little not in a cloth coat, thick coat, this small package is absolutely you collocation is the first choice of accessories. Simple outages, does not increase the overall thickness, instead of the appearance of light will give full life for you. Yao da recommended handbags 07 ling, contracted handbag wish I could have a large bag, hold my infinite love for the world, hold the scenery infinite nostalgia. Big bag or is good, can not only himself into universal blue fat, at the same time, fashion classic ling, contracted and fashionable clothes for a bonus? Yao da recommended handbags 08 deer small grain fashion bag hand bag, design are to be intent on just good-looking. Fashion deer lines deck hand bag, is no longer the previous single geometry stripe, diversified colorful striped design, simple and easy design, hold it in hand looking like a fashion of visual sense, both to create your charm.
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