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Guangzhou yao da OME leather factory tell you 'green skin', 'microfiber skin', 'genuine leather' difference method

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-27
Abstract: & other; Green leather & throughout; Is a popular saying, is not very accurate concept. Will & other; Green leather & throughout; Call & other; Meet certain environmental standards throughout the leather &; More reliable. It is a green leather, a PVC leather, also can be the PU leather, or microfiber leather, or the natural leather. Microfiber leather handle and leather are similar. The biggest difference between synthetic leather and leather is leather have natural pores can heat dissipation and perforated and not artificial leather. For example, some people wear leather shoes will beriberi but never wear leather shoes, that is the reason why because leather has a natural pore ` ` leather, as the name implies, the artificial skin, is an animal of raw leather, green leather are genuine leather, artificial leather class. Leather can do environmental protection processing, also can be used as a general process production. Microfiber leather super wear resistance, ageing resistance, generally there are two kinds of extreme price, first of all, cheaper than leather but more expensive than regular artificial leather, the second special material using super expensive, such as reducing resistance at the bottom of the canoe, diving, some need microfiber leather wear parts, etc. Guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather handbag manufacturer factory today to share little knowledge if you get in? Looking forward to share with you next time!
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