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Guangzhou yao da OEM leather manufacturers - — The commonly used material business package

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-28
Abstract: today we shone dalai lama and we talk about business packages tend to use the material and the applicable places: ( 1) Genuine leather. Is high-grade leather handbag is the most commonly used material, especially in the majority with cowhide. Leather, cowhide and subdivision head layer cowhide, second floor leather, water leather, calfskin, tree lamb, etc. Head layer cowhide is selecting the most upper leather, cowhide internal fibrous tissue closely, the cowhide leather face pores close; The leftover material is cowhide leather on the second floor, and the texture features as the first layer cowhide. Skin: skin is subdivided into goat and sheep skin. Usually, the goat skin was used to make bags or shoes; The sheep skin is used to make clothes. Goat is the feature of dermatoglyph neat rows close, feel is firm soft; Sheep skin leather is the feature of grain clarity is beautiful, soft feel. In addition to the cowhide, sheepskin, men's bags commonly used leather material and pigskin, crocodile skin, ostrich skin, python, etc. ( 2) PU leather. PU leather is also called synthetic leather or artificial leather, this kind of material is not made of real leather, but use the synthesis, such as resin, chemical fiber. PU leather after processing, its look and feel is effect can rival with leather. ( 3) Canvas. Canvas material is genuine leather material can make more change modelling, all kinds of leisure bags most of this kind of material production. Canvas may, by way of printing, HuiXiu embellish to package more aesthetic. ( 4) Nylon. Nylon high-grade composite fiber material, its permeability, light resistance, wear resistance and waterproof is very good; So the nylon is often used to make sport or outdoor handbags.
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