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Guangzhou yao da OEM leather manufacturers and you share the basic knowledge of the luggage accessories ( A)

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-28
Abstract: leather leather goods, leather bag is easy to do, but to do well, to make sense, make the temperament, is not so easy. Some of the details is very important, such as screen printing, oil and so on. Our guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather factory to provide you with a more professional bags OEM OEM. Foundry have more feeling for you, good temperament leather leather, leather bags. Today and share some knowledge of luggage accessories. Screen printing: screen printing effect is good or bad and printed material has much to do. Screen printing effect mainly look at the following aspects: (1) printed silk screen can not have glue phenomenon, can use the tape paste try can see; (2) the surface gloss, no pores, no rough feeling; (3) with a certain thickness, didn't see the color material, and not easy to stick dust; (4) screen printing edge shunping, no dog teeth feeling; (5) will not fade; 6. Of course materials with elastic elastic printed on more attention should be paid to not split ( You can unplug the material seem obvious can see) ; All landowners tinted to shift. Second, electricity embroidered: the effect of the machine embroidery quality and material straight horizontal stripes fabric has a lot to do. Machine embroidery effect mainly look at the following aspects: (1) density is enough, can't see the bottom material; (2) the thickness uniform, not to big and small; (3) the edges of the machine embroidery to uniform shunping, don't rough edge; (4) attachment to cut clean. Chapter three, glue chapter: good glue won't disconnect, not decoloring, not sticky, edge is smooth, the surface content is clear, even if the high temperature areas will not deformation become soft. Four, voltage: general use of the material is PVC, what type of light MianRuan, pressure within the gas to the full, not to get out, elastic, smooth and not burst open around, line is clear.
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