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Guangzhou yao da OEM leather factory to introduce you to men's handbags business etiquette

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-27
Abstract: although just a handbag, the other in its collocation and etiquette is also quite important, handbag can give people confidence and security, and closely linked with our life together, the following will come to see together with yao to use what are the etiquette of the handbag? Business to carry handbags, business travel, hand bags and other high-end men's bags decision can reveal special temperament of the man. Daily carrying bag, bag, then, what are the etiquette of luggage products such as common sense. Interviews or to meet the customer, carry business package should pay attention to don't let the body before and after shaking ladle; Important business occasions to use bag or a handbag shoulds not be too costly; At business dinners, men can use small handbag; Carry business handbags to let the body keep the nature, do not hand tightly holding, lest give a person the sense nervous; Business handbag should avoid by hard objects scratch when carrying or touch, hand to avoid the rain, sun, wind, etc. Business handbag to use four considerations: (1) with bales not disorderly before going out, carry things should be as far as possible in a briefcase of a given place. Is so convenient, also not in bad to find elsewhere. But should keep in mind, worthless things never in your bag, don't make it especially & other Excessive expansion & throughout; 。 Items in your bag, must be orderly placed neatly. Try not to put personal items in the briefcase. (2) the package not disorderly put into indoor after others, namely the briefcase should be consciously in oneself be seated on the floor near the place of, or the designated place, and do not put the chaos in tables and chairs. Should also pay attention to in public places, don't let the briefcase to hinder others. (3) with bags should not be more errands out of the way, sometimes don't have my briefcase. If you want to take, should be limited to one. (4) with the package not make public using briefcase, be sure to take down all the attached leather logo. Used in front of strangers, do not show their precious upscale briefcase, don't give a person with Zhang Yangzhi feeling.
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