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Guangzhou yao da OEM leather factory teach primary the wallet to maintain order and matters needing attention

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-27
Abstract: primary color wallet maintenance effort, the color of leather is the most afraid of is poor condition can change the color of the leather. Today, we can share with you yao da primary color wallet order and matters needing attention. 1. Using emulsion brush for two to three times in the leather surface, the note is dry can be on the other, again also not too wet wipe. ( Emulsion is a chemical thing, easy to jam wool stoma, leather with brigitte bead paying special attention to maintain high-level leather goods, not the best, can only be harmful to not be good, beautiful. When leather blocked pores, can cause the use fixed number of year shortened, leather is easy to crack) 2. With light oil in the leather surface spray. In general, I think this step could be optional, because I didn't think must have their own experience, the so-called light oil is automatic spray paint in light oil, in the upper leather surface paint, but or chemical. I only can choose in comparison of works, a thin layer, ensure the dyeing effect. This sketch and finally also to spray a layer of protective film is a meaning. 3. Maintenance on oil. Here we want to explain the yao da, maintain oil have two very good recommendation, is Japan's top master chooses, oil is a cattle foot, one is Japan's mink oil. Cattle oil finish, leather color will be deep, mink oil will not change the leather color. These two kinds of good things, because they are the natural animal fat, the most easily absorbed by the cowhide, maintenance time about half a year time is ok, don't point on this happy ok. Leather color change is the accumulation of time, is a kind of look forward to, is the time to change it, will be more natural. I also have introduced the olive oil, ( I have seen on peanut oil) Is vegetable oil, if you buy is top, and spent a lot of money, on the leather maintenance, I still advise you to spend a little money, buy a good maintenance. But if you play, do not have so much money, in vegetable oil, also have not cannot. Just taste more spread. The absorption of plants is not so good, might with a surface in a stage of oil. 4. Bask in this, to be honest, I burned myself do yourself carving package, because the color too white. As for how long can feel warm, the sun and leather, I the bag, bask in a week, color has been amazing. Cato up share later. I've also seen how to bask in this life is the color of domestic leather. This is really no way out. Better is the Yin tan, is don't direct sunlight, such as on the window sill didn't the place of the sun. I'm hang bag balcony, namely the sun under the sun, the location of the light is enough. Because if the sun uneven surface, like that, don't mention it. But a week out in the summer sun, big change is the fastest, great died, as if our own did sunbathing in the sun. The color of wheat. A good feeling. Is to must pay attention to.
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