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Guangzhou yao da OEM leather factory introduction to business bags and briefcases

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-27
Abstract: in general, the difference between business bags and briefcases and is not very big, but now a lot of business bags and briefcases, each other mutual confluence, appear a series of business briefcases. Generally speaking, the business of bags and briefcases difference is not very great. Briefcase, styles to & other; Square & throughout; Give priority to, compact version to compare to highlight business people of capable and efficient; A briefcase is very suitable for body fat men. Business packages, design to & other; Box & throughout; Give priority to, version to slightly swollen, the more commonly used for business travel. Now, however, many business bags and briefcases, each other mutual confluence, appear a series of business briefcases. Business briefcase most used & other; U & throughout; Line design, doesn't make the large bag body look bloated, let all kinds of shape features are suitable for men. The structure design of the business briefcase with traditional briefcase to wide space makes full use of, not only can put the laptop, so large goods, also keep the cell phone, digital camera, MP4, wallet, lighters, documents, keys, laptop, pens and other loose items have a rank. By the high quality of high-grade imported head layer cowhide as leather, its flexibility, comfort, moist degree, guarantee the quality of the business briefcase extreme. With exquisite traditional tanning technology as production technology, skilled technique, delicate do manual work, rich in the business briefcase distinctive connotation and taste.
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