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Guangzhou yao da OEM leather factory introduced the types of men's handbags and collocation

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-28
Abstract: handbag is more and more heavy in the position in men's item, its superior sense of practicality and modelling to make it appear more street fashion and office circumstance. Men's bags have become men's fashion elements, is among the men to leave the body charm fashion, can no doubt show a man's personality and attitude. Yao da today is to introduce the man under the commonly used several types of bags and collocation methods: one, the man hand bag use: easy to use, stylish men street snap necessary. Features: fashion, personality and characteristics of performance apparel, clothing collocation visual aesthetic feeling. Collocation: size just right for down who need to carry a cell phone, wallet, keys and other small objects, and from the design point of view, grab bag is very suitable for collocation suits modelling, take it to attend all kinds of business occasions. Second, men hand-held bag use: short-distance travel. Features: large capacity, manly. Collocation: color can be more gentle than briefcase, design must be concise and easy, the material must be very good, it will directly affect the others taste and style of judgment to you. Choose leisure dress up on collocation. Three, man briefcase purposes: business office required. Characteristics: pragmatic, have good taste. Collocation: tall burly choose a large briefcase, on the other hand, the small size. The choice of full-figured vertical section. The choice of lean cross section. If your file is more important, the choice briefcases with combination lock function. Briefcase with their skin color is tie-in, can choose appropriate color that oneself like, black is joker. Four, men bag use: for leisure, shopping. Features: large capacity, has a type. Collocation: in today's runway, Tote Bag fabric, design and color is colorful, not only size is magnified, and always appears only in the leisure dress up it also entered the dress collocation.
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