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Guangzhou yao da ms OEM leather factory to share how to choose the briefcase

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-28
Abstract: guangzhou ms yao da OEM leather factory to share how to choose the briefcase, everyone knows his briefcase is the contact card business people, business people of different professions are suitable for his briefcase. A decent briefcase is the symbol of grade, they are high quality material and generous design, elegant and restrained style can dash forward show business people. Briefcase gifts emphasized are superior in quality and modern design, and always on the basis of texture, well-made. Let yao how to choose and buy of small make up to tell you a lady briefcase! The choice of career women in the package, we should & other Throughout the &; And for. If your company or your industry in your staff at this level of use of a particular type of bag, then you must also do so. In each of the four companies, a company is to have unwritten rules ought to carry the bag. It is said, the power of women is always in a subtle way, affects the choice of the people around you. 一个。 A briefcase should not appear too masculine. Don't want to buy a big bag. B。 Ms brown or dark brown briefcase for briefcases base color. C。 Inside a briefcase in the design process is more important than their appearance. Before buying a briefcase, had better put your daily use of all files, see if appropriate. D。 Do not buy an easy person briefcase as a large book by mistake. Briefcase must make people look professional. Using A briefcase etiquette: A. With the package is unfavorable. Errands out of the way, sometimes don't have my briefcase. If you want to take, should with one only. B。 With the package not make public. Before using a briefcase, must first open all the attached leather logo. Used in front of strangers, do not show their precious upscale briefcase, don't give a person with Zhang Yangzhi feeling, fall not impression. C。 With bales not disorderly. Before going out, carry things should be as far as possible in the established of the briefcase. Is so convenient, also not in bad to find elsewhere. But should keep in mind, worthless things never in your bag, don't make it especially & other Excessive expansion & throughout; 。 Items in your bag, must be orderly placed neatly. Try not to put personal items in the briefcase. D。 With the package is not the place. After entering indoor, namely the briefcase should be consciously in oneself be seated on the floor near the place of, or the designated place, and do not put the chaos in tables and chairs. Should also pay attention to in public places, don't let the briefcase to hinder others.
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