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Guangzhou yao da leather to teach you how to daily maintain leather bag

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-23
Abstract: everyone will worry for the daily maintenance of big bag, today let guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather to teach everyone to big bags of some daily maintenance! A, first of all, we need to prepare some maintenance bag need daily small tools: 1. 2 white cotton gloves. The eraser ( Sudden lighter dirt can be dealt with immediately) 3. Ordinary waste silk stockings (do not fade Used in float ash cleaning leather goods, for the first or not too dirty stain is very ideal) 4. Soft brush ( Can wash a face with soft bristle brush, shoe brush can also, mainly is soft, not too hard, or you will damage the cortex. The toothbrush can also, see you need to clean up the area. Is mainly used to clean the beefier presbyopia or brush on a canvas bag stuck in the dust in the seam) 5. Cotton buds ( Processing small place dirt is very useful, especially with the logo or zipper, can ash are stuck inside out) 。 two Presbyopic series maintenance back at ordinary times, will be in contact with the leather part, so summer wear coat fade easily don't anticline bag, or clothes color will be on the bag. Such as: 1. Some single shoulder bag, close-fitting side in the middle of the leather part is easily infected with jeans, if dyed to, immediately with the above best eraser to wipe the processing immediately. 2. Hand bag, try to keep hands clean, or to take my arm as much as possible. And hand sweating, dirt and the most easily absorbed by held the most difficult to handle. So it's best from root on the prevention and control. Brush package at ordinary times is with white cotton gloves. With dust bag away when not in use, if the tide area in particular, best buy moisture absorption agent into the package. And arm in arm is the most easy to change color, need not when, after clean out, want to use plastic bags or plastic wrap wrapped up again into the dust bag, bag was not due for a long time, occasionally take the bag out air for air. 3. Light and rice white luxury handbags physical properties of this type of leather pores are open, so easy to absorb grease and moisture, these are all let color deeper and deeper. And in the pores of leather is open, if infected with dirt becomes dark and dirty is not easy to eliminate. So maintenance is to shorten the time, generally with skin becomes pale honey is the most beautiful of all. This is dried out, but note that other parts of the best cover, otherwise the bag easy to deformation, can use the dustproof set and so on. Remember that! Don't use newspaper cover, the ink printed on the package, and can't handle! Best only part of the cortex, pay attention to the flip, uneven. The sun action is to accelerate oxidation discoloration. Sun good then use clean white gloves, also can clean flannelette shrouds, try the brush back and forth. Wipe the action is to speed up the pore closure. But note that don't use anything rub off to clean! Will touch on the skin! In addition, do not use in leather or light rice white leather oil or baby oil, more not with waxy constituents of leather and maintenance products, like this can cause leather pore blocking, cortex looks dry after time is long, and even cracking. Remember, the absolute is a rule of thumb. Don't bags don't do the cleaning, nursing oil directly. Such layers will only put the dirt blocking in leather bags. Dirty faster, harder to do in the future. Just like we usually do oneself face, only covered with powder, do not make clear, short-term can, for a long time will be blocked long beans. Louis vuitton vernis series because the glossy leather & no other; Seal & throughout; To live, it is easy to absorb to the other will rub off the leather dyeing. The sunshine for a long time will change color, need special care. They are easy to become yellow or turn black, especially of light color, can't touch the sunshine; Can't touch water, can become sticky; Can't contact with ink things, will be printed on bag; Can't let the vernis bag friction jeans; Keep bag away from high temperature objects such as heating and so on. 。 。 。 。 。 The sweltering summer car, oily items and cosmetics are the killer of this kind of bag. So a great trouble to maintenance. And even if the bag didn't get from the sun, sometimes surface yellowing, perhaps because the color of the dust bag. Four. Cleaning methods: uniform with special leather cleaner decontamination, first brush, wipe away the dark stain. With a special leather care to maintain the SAP maintenance. Metal accessories, zipper head, like a ring to keep dry. If there is a slight iron mold, can use rub silver cloth ( Remind: rub silver cloth with black again, don't wash. A special coating wash it out will be useless) , zippers often use, so want to rust, also it's really difficult, golden locks are usually performed with rub silver cloth to wipe can clean. If become black of the metal, also can use copper oil clean cotton cloth to wipe can decontamination. Five. Methods: luxury collection bag bag after cleaning first wrapped with white paper on the bag into the dust bag, good bag with leather part is actually the most afraid of water damage. Many with plenty of match leather bags often it is easy to dyeing, so the air humidity is bigger, remember to put a little dry bag inside the bag so as not to be affected with damp be affected with damp turn yellow. Bags to be stored in a dry ventilated place. Today's share is here to see more bags and maintenance knowledge, pay attention to our website yao da article update! ! ! !
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