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Guangzhou yao da leather tell you small bag is the best good girlfriends young smell

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-24
Abstract: freezing to timid, hot day son things simple, small bags of one almost impossible to match. Even if from another Angle vogue, amorous feelings of packet corresponds to the more charming is spruce, after all, gentle and graceful landscape, tangible intangible sending out the glamour of little woman is like a mystery, let the classics and grade also uncontrollably secretly pleased, let guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather could not help but surprised small bag is indeed a good girlfriends. 01 appear so exaggerated, but the two kinds of size is worth considering, says is small and not very small, but perfectly with two kinds of flavor, smaller is better suited to match a mirror sweet charming is spruce, even a little bit big, intellectual, and red and green straps favorite British temptation. 02 completely can't see time indications of snakeskin grain, has become particularly lovely, because of the different colour rendering is not ripe female has proved the quality of the privileged, on the contrary will also because of the wide shoulder straps and the metal card buckles decorated, let the youth that fit with ripe female age, with vigor and passion. 03 fashion elements, and wide straps + big lock. Grasp both fashionable basically is at hand, though gold light cool hand in hand with pink how much all some arbitrary director fall in love with the little girl's taste, but that with luxurious magnificent indeed can earn enough to lead. 04 fashionable topic again, it seems, is a clear paper clips of romance and magic, but simply cannot conceal full of artistic breath, simple sense, also can be in contrast color stitching nice streamed out a little lazy and carefree little secret. 05 love fashion, personality and more love, full of bread edges and corners of the street in the world of lovely girl is ultimately a few distractions appear to be less, much less finely embroider with ever-changing chain is better suited to fill with the youth away from leave gaps for dream, small bucket to hold more romance and optional. 06 fell in love with is loathe to give up, at first glance the rivet with skin, can let a person cannot help but think of punk xi skin wind, pure personality and quality of accidental encounter, but all the classic from ancient to now, have to admit that what style will be renewed because of its hidden behind the socialite rebellious. 07 fell in love with don't say you are not one moment, bag, long handle, let's just say this is star with big rocks of popular key, but a long rope luxury performance, enough socialite, pure small and exquisite texture, you can not move on the saddle of pity is not you.
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