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Guangzhou yao da leather share the key points of the choose and buy of leather handbags

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-26
Abstract: the real leather is people the animal's fur after processing, to oil, dry, dyed all sorts of color, and through the professional handbag factory system into format of man bags, lady bags, children's package, and various kinds of wallets, zero wallet. Many generic even forgery of real leather on the market, consumers how to polish eyes when the choose and buy, pick out the most suitable for their own real leather? This project, yao da leather is to be for you! 1, the cortex has a clear real leather on the surface of the pores, decorative pattern, cowhide pore fine, dense, irregular arrangement, cortex is bright and clean. Cow leather has the symmetry of the pores, the pores of goat skin has been designed; 2, see cortex on cross section the cow leather bags, wallets and other leather of edge, turn out, leather leather is hydrophobic, animal fiber, the leather is relatively close, no fiber. Beside that it is a good imitation leather, also do not like leather; 3, with his fingers on the leather surface with finger to press, the surface will have tiny wrinkles, when fingers up, wrinkles disappear immediately is genuine leather. Artificial leather and synthetic leather are no wrinkles, after individual press wrinkle, also won't disappear naturally obviously; 4, with her nails device cortical surface choke out the nail marks, will soon disappear and restorable is leather, can't restore or a long time to recover is fake leather. 5, smell the smell of leather leather and fake also can use smell to distinguish, true leather apparently have a smell of animals, and fake leather, relatively more while to stimulate plastic taste; 6, lit from real leather and artificial leather back off a bit of fiber, lighting, after all a pungent odor, forming a knot in one's artificial leather; Every hair smells, not knot hard bumps is leather; 7, small water droplets drops of water will drop in the skin surface, minutes after water through pore diffusion, can see clearly the wet spot, leather is absorbing moisture, prove as leather.
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