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by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-24
Abstract: as no woman is not the love of beauty, no women don't bag, a classic bags in addition to a symbol of your taste and status, also show its enduring fashion spirit. Bag, as one of the women will take the belongings of a day, choose a different style of bags can do for their different collocation, but all kinds of handbags is the edition, recently there are customers to our factory to recommend classic joker female bag. That today we have to list the five classic handbag and the classic female bag of choose and buy, there are places which need to pay attention to? Recommend the 5 bags today, let your guests do a walk in the fashion of modern fine. Yao to recommend a large handbag: give you a safe and secure fashion jokingly said large handbags & other; More reliable than men & throughout; , a practical and can hold large handbags, women's things will not be afraid. Founder in style design, with a powerful aura, concise package body, give a person a kind of neat feeling. Large handbags can be a career women not only capable of type briefcase, can also be a journey carry travelling bag, also can be your leisure street fashion shopping bag. Choose points: 1, avoid to choose too much decoration and fancy color, black stain resistant and joker. If the first buy large handbag can choose black. 2, choose high quality leather ( Such as head skin) And pretty profile has a type line of handbags is to increase the aura of two magic weapon. 3, the design of large size, especially suitable for autumn winter season, and coat collocation, give a person the sense of heavy security. Yao to recommend 2, metal chain package: delicate feminine fashion handbag chain angular and a thin metal straps delicate and elegant, oblique cross or single shoulder can perfectly show a woman's unique flavor. But before it is considered that the metal chain bag & other; Old expensive gas & throughout; , and found that women's fashion lovers chain package can be any type of dress collocation, from hale motorcycle leather jackets to elegant dress, chain package can bring the collocation of different results. Choose main points: 1, most classic handbag chain of patterns, but choose a sense of pattern design of bag, more can reflect their unique style. 2, fashion chain bag style is varied, but angular square design, is the most fashionable joker. 3, with dual chain pack the most practical, to hand and shoulder, can change at any time according to the requirements or dress collocation. Yao da recommended three, hand bag, bring their own ascension pretend bility properties in terms of practicality, hand bag is weak, but the hand bag is the most can promote fashion accessories. Style simple atmospheric lady's hand bag is the best choice to attend public activities, and promote the nods eyeball pen of temperament and image as a whole. Tie-in dress, instantly enchanting have feminine taste, tie-in everyday casual wear, instantaneous incarnation street snap, can with modelling perfect collocation gives different flavor. Choose points: 1, hand bag with hand or arm in arm in two forms, compared women style is more suitable for delicate hand. 2, leather texture more show atmosphere and agile, but because of with has been in my hand, scratch-resistant leather is much more secure option. 3, hand bag with powerful aura, so choose the pure color is the color of the most not easy to get wrong. Yao to recommend four, double shoulder: reduction of age and personality backpack is not exclusive of the student, already became a lot of fashionable personage concave shape, a necessary item. The traits of both practical and reduce age fashion backpack, leisure joker is not only a symbol of taste and temperament, reflect is a kind of nature, & other Throughout all zero &; Relaxed state of mind. Women's leisure backpack style diversification, the collocation of rivets to backpack and cool feels dye-in-the-wood, especially for the young fashion. Choose points: 1, the backpack style does not choose too complex, contracted style have joker sex more. 2, leather backpack can reflect fashionable breath more, with the design of the rivet, allow for the ascent of the whole modern degree moment. 3, classic black brown is a joker, won't appear too students, fashionable again. Yao to recommend five, handbag: OL female necessary money lady handbag is one of the basic model for most career women, moderate capacity, can hold needed items, and beautiful. Agile hale line, very suitable for commuter white-collar ascension aura, and concise style, more can highlight their good taste. Whether to work or daily clothing collocation, can give a person a kind of very elegant. Points of choose and buy: 1, the bright color of handbag is the most beautiful, even if is very ordinary clothes, beautiful beautiful handbag will instantly make you shine. 2, with back dual-use bag is the most practical, dual-use bag style can according to your requirements or dress collocation and changes at any time. 3, petite, choose a few more suitable for small and medium sized bag; Tall girl, large size of the handbag is the best choice.
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