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Guangzhou yao da leather manufacturers share the key points of the choose and buy of leather handbags

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-25
Abstract: grace is by no means a superficial easy, need a finely crafted fashion style of wisdom and withstand precipitation, now follows in the footsteps of his late yao da legend together, for each want to become more elegant woman, give a list of wisdom. Today we'll come to share the kinds of leather O ( ∩ _∩ ) O ~ 1, cowhide leather surface pore is small, round, distributed evenly and closely, leather face bright smooth, plump, delicate texture, flat, smooth appearance, touch quality of a material is solid and elastic. Good permeability, good permeable gas, large width, fine pores and arrange more orderly, mastoid gently, small parts, with smooth surface; 2, deerskin deerskin is an important component part of sika deer products, it can do handbags, high-grade car seat leather, sofa leather, leather shoes, leather jacket, its application range is more extensive. Deerskin package soft, strong, beautiful, lighter weight, water resistance, resistance to high temperature can reach 120 degrees, low temperature resistant effect is better. Also can be used as a medicine; 3, sheepskin sheepskin grain pore is flat, more inclined to deep inside the leather, the pores clear, formed a set of a few root, much like a flake or dentate. Pattern characteristics such as & other; Water ripples throughout the &; Shape. Sheepskin light, thin, soft, is an ideal fabric handbags, leather clothing, clothing made of decorative pattern beauty, luster and soft, thin and soft, elastic, only strength than leather and pig skin; 4, crocodile handbag beautiful grain in its natural gradient squares, while the lack of flexibility, but the quality of a material is very strong, alligator as long as the proper care will use more and more luster, more with more flexible. Crocodile obtain, dyeing, production is very difficult, so the crocodile of platinum in leather, is famous for its luxurious rarity; 5, horse leather leather predecessor thin and weave fabric loose, made of leather is more soft, fine grain flat, horse skin over thick and fiber close, horse skin fiber woven especially tight, wear-resisting, waterproof, can be used for the waterproof shoe upper leather, sole leather, papillary layer collagen fiber is fine, prepare the tightness as cow leather; 6, snakeskin dorsal blond, luster, with diamond or elliptic scales. There was a row of horizontal long oval scales the front. Interior surface is smooth and rich luster. Qualitative soft, easy to broken.
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